What Kinds of Goods Can Be Transported By a Freight Company?

What Kinds of Goods Can Be Transported By a Freight Company?

When you want to have something transported for your business, you will not want the hassle of having to get your own employees to do it. This can be time-consuming and will distract them from the other tasks that they have to do.

Here at Tail Lift Transport, we realise that you want to have your goods transported by a reliable company. We have a vast amount of experience when it comes to transporting a wide range of different goods.

What kind of cargo can be transported by a freight company?


Manufacturing companies need their machinery to arrive at the factory in one piece. Machinery can be extremely heavy, so a system of winches is used to load the machines into the back of the taxi trucks. The machinery is packed into protective crates to make sure that it is not going to slide around in the back of the truck and get damaged.

It does not matter how big or small the machinery is, our trucks are designed to carry the weight of all types of equipment.

Then the machinery can be safely driven to the factories of your customers and then be unloaded.


In the 21st century, every business needs to have an efficient computer system. These computers need to be transported safely so that they do not get damaged at all. Lots of computers can be loaded into the spacious trucks and then driven to their final destination. All the goods will arrive in one piece without any problems, and your customers will be extremely satisfied.

Fridges & Freezers

Fridges and freezers need to be transported extremely carefully. This is because they contain chemicals that are potentially harmful if they start to leak out. The fridges and freezers will be packed safely in the back of the truck to make sure that they will not fall over and that they will be transported to your customers safely in one piece. The trucks are never overloaded because this can potentially cause problems during the transportation process.


Dishwashers are extremely robust, but they need to be handled with care. The goods are carefully packed before being put into the back of the truck. They are delivered to the customers by our experienced drivers who have an excellent standard of driving.

Garden Equipment

Garden equipment such as lawn movers, electric hedge trimmers and leaf vacuums can be extremely bulky pieces of cargo. They could be broken if they are not transported correctly. This means that great care is taken to pack the garden machinery into the back of the truck without causing any damage. Some lawnmowers have lots of detachable parts which can come loose during transit, and this is taken into account. The garden equipment is then delivered to your customers.

Transporting goods in the correct manner is something that is extremely important to Tail Lift Transport. If you need cargo transporting, get in touch with us now!