As one of the most reliable freight companies Perth has to offer, we guarantee speedy pickups and direct-to-destination transport delivery services.

Your customers count on you to provide products on time and intact. They depend on you to accommodate their busy schedule and keep up with their demands. But who can you count on when you need to deliver your freight as quickly as possible? Who can you trust with bulky, heavy items? Tail Lift Transport, of course.

Let Us Do The Heavy Lifting

When you have to move your heaviest stock, you often worry about the safety of your staff. Many personnel sustain back injuries when they try to lift large loads on their own. Some even suffer injuries when they use a forklift improperly.

At Tail Lift Transport, our trucks have a specialised tail lift capable of handling up to 2 tonnes, and our total carrying capacity reaches as high as 8 tonnes. Furthermore, our team comes fully equipped with pallet jacks, skates, blankets, straps and fridge trolleys that make shipping as simple as possible.

When you choose us one of your freight companies in Perth, our team transports your goods from floor to truck without the need for forklifts or other potentially dangerous techniques.

Trust Our Professional Freight Transport Team

As one of few specialist freight companies in Perth, our staff serves residential, commercial and industrial clients throughout the metro area. And for your convenience, we have a Bunbury depot to better assist those in the South West.

Trust in one of the most experienced and reliable freight companies Perth wide — call 0417 600 322 or fill out our contact form to book your next pickup and delivery.